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Cast iron grates. Click on: www.hearthstove.com/photo_4.html #57

(Click to enlarge) update oct. 2010 1Bbiim front mount bbii motor now $113.88-----note: electrical parts to use with 1bb1 rear mount motor : 1fbb912 9 1/2" fan blade, 1cbb1 capacitor, 4rcbb ceramic rheostat, 4t120f thermodisc. Parts to use with 1bbiim front mount motor: 4s3sp 3 speed switch (square), 4t120f thermodisc.......... Black bart price update march 2010 -part prices that have changed- 2sh12 spring handle $12.92, 4t120f thermodisc $19.95, 6f12 1/2 gasket $1.50/f, 6s3b adhesive $10.29, 9bbs2 stack $145.31.

Black bart replacement parts additional pictures of black bart parts click on:www.hearthstove.com/photo_2.html We also sell: stainless steel chimney relining supplies; heavy gauge black stove pipe; fireplace connectors; positive connect kits for fireplace inserts & hearth stoves; factory built metal chimneys. Request information & prices on these products:

Positive connect kits price update march 2010.
Pck-rt-6 6" round tip outlet kit $197.91, kck-rt-8 8" round tip out kit $275.95, pck-rb-6 6" round rear outlet kit $ 342.48, pck-rb-8 8" round rear outlet kit $342.48, pck-ret-8 8" oval pipe to 9 3/4" x 17" base $315.66.
Request information & pricing for other fireplace connector kits, also stainless steel chimney relining supplies. Ph 336-941-3232 9-5 et weekdays or email


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