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# 1Cfms used on some models of blaze king stoves. Photos & information for additional blowers available click on: blowers

CATALYTIC COMBUSTORS HAVE A 5 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY......Click on link for CATALYTIC COMBUSTOR for current prices....Some models of BLAZE KING use 1CFMS BLOWERS. Click on BLOWERS listed below.

Positive connect kits price update march 2010.
Pck-rt-6 6" round tip outlet kit $197.91, kck-rt-8 8" round tip out kit $275.95, pck-rb-6 6" round rear outlet kit $ 342.48, pck-rb-8 8" round rear outlet kit $342.48, pck-ret-8 8" oval pipe to 9 3/4" x 17" base $315.66.
Request information & pricing for other fireplace connector kits, also stainless steel chimney relining supplies.

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