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Some models of EARTH STOVES use: #1CF150 C-FRAME With Blade for additional blowers available click on: blowers

***Click on price list above to enlarge***catalytic combustor update: 3408 $124.09 ea., 3410 $110.59 ea., 3414 $153.69 ea., 3416 $164.09 ea.......... Scroll down for additional in formation. Re quest a copy of parts price list. Part price update march 2010 -part prices that have changed- se312 double blower $199.95.

SE16BA   2 SPEED BLOWER WITH 3 POSITION SWITCH (OFF, LOW, HIGH) Includes power cord & has fan blade guard  $129.95
SE16BA  blower assembly. Box is 14 5/8" long. Includes power cord & rheostat. $ 179.95

(Pictured above) se17ba fireplace insert blower assembly. Blower housing measures 4 1/4" high x 21" long. Includes power cord & rheostat to control fan speed. $189.95

Also available: se13ba fireplace insert bower assembly. Blower housing measures 3 3/4" high x 17" long. Includes power cord & rheostat to control fan speed. $179.95 (See picture, click on link)

Stainless steel chimney relining supplies; heavy gauge black stove pipe; fireplace connectors; positive connect kits for fireplace inserts & hearth stoves; factory built metal chimneys. Request information & prices on these products:


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